Improve signup flow for hosts Objective

Key Results

  1. Increase signup completion rate from 20% to 25%

How to improve signup flow for hosts


To follow up on these, let’s start thinking about which initiatives would act as leading indicators to reaching our Key Results (lagging indicators).

Normally, a team would sit down at the beginning of the cycle and discuss different ways to possible ways to achieve their KR. “We should add more trust during the signup process”. “How about we show the host how much money they’ll likely make?”. Ideas were plenty, so the growth lead decided that to truly know what stopped hosts from completing signup, they’d had to talk to some of them. So their first initiative was to “Set up 10 calls with hosts who didn’t complete signup and document findings”.

It allows great autonomy for teams if you follow this process. Managers can review Objectives and KRs but allow teams to figure out for themselves how to best get there.

How to achieve this OKR

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