Improve overall search presence significantly Objective

Key Results

  1. Increase referring DR50+ domains from 10 to 30
  2. Increase freelancer staff writing 3 articles/month from 1 to 3

How to improve overall search presence significantly

Great reputation and even greater content production are bread and butter when working with SEO. This example focuses on those two and has the goal of improving the overall search presence significantly.

By onboarding more writers, the company can increase its content output and by achieving more sites linking back to them, the reputation in search should improve and thus bring more visitors to the site.

How to achieve this OKR

Most people who try OKRs fail. But there's hope. You'll need 3 key things to have a much better shot at achieving this and your other OKRs. Fill in your email and we'll take you through each of them, step by step.

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