Become a happier and more frequent reader of books Objective

Key Results

  1. Reach a 1 book/month reading pace

How to become a happier and more frequent reader of books


I know reading is all about getting in the right environment. I used to read a lot before bed, so what I set up as my first week initiatives were:

  1. Set alarm for going to sleep 10 minutes earlier each night

  2. Read at least 2 pages each night before bed

I know doing these two things would make me reach much more than 2 pages. Allowing myself to only read 2 in cases where I might be extremely tired or haven't got the time, ensures that I still feel like I have the momentum to keep going. Once I get started, I'm sure I could easily read 5-7 pages each night, and voila! All of a sudden I'm reading a small to medium-sized book each month.

How to achieve this OKR

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