Improve product page visibility in search engines Objective

Key Results

  1. Increase organic traffic to product pages from 10 visits/month to 100 visits/month
  2. Increase number of products discovered in search from 80% to 100%

How to improve product page visibility in search engines

This key result is specifically focused on SEO in an Ecommerce business. Getting visitors to the product pages is key for driving sales, so this example focuses on:

  1. Making sure that all products are discoverable in search engines

  2. Increasing the avg. traffic to each product significantly


To start reaching this goal, some examples of initiatives could be:

  1. Make sure all product pages are in sitemap and discovered by Google

  2. Create keyword analysis to understand users' search patterns

  3. Look over product descriptions to make sure they fit user intent

  4. Write a "Best of" blog post that lists our top-10 products

How to achieve this OKR

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