Reach all-time high visitor count on blog Objective

Key Results

  1. Reach the 100 visitors/week run rate

How to reach all-time high visitor count on blog

I've always enjoyed writing, but often there have been long periods of time where I just haven't prioritized it enough. I know writing is good for me, both in terms of getting thoughts on paper, but also in terms of sharing what I know with people around me and getting visitors from search engines. And so, I decided on this OKR.


I've often struggled with knowing what to write about. So I decided that I would just write about what interests me. Now, this is a great example of the relationship between KRs and initiatives. These initiatives won't guarantee that I get there. But I believe they are something that will take me a lot closer to my goal. So this is what I've decided to do in the first week:

  1. Create a spreadsheet with the top 5 categories that interest me

  2. Make light keyword research on those categories and note down ideas for blog post subjects

  3. Start each morning by writing at least 50 words on one of the subjects

I know that for my posts to get traffic, they need to be about something that people search for, hence the keyword research. I also know that SEO wizards often recommend around 1500 words for a decent blog post. So with this cadence, I'll have one post finished each month, which I'm totally fine with. The reality is that I've put out so much more, but these initiatives got me started and set me up for success.

How to achieve this OKR

Most people who try OKRs fail. But there's hope. You'll need 3 key things to have a much better shot at achieving this and your other OKRs. Fill in your email and we'll take you through each of them, step by step.

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