Decrease financial expenses Objective

Key Results

  1. Decrease salary related expenses by 20%
  2. Decrease non-salary related company expenses by 30%

How to decrease financial expenses

When market conditions are tough, or industry demand is in decline, it can become important to be well aware of the company's cost structure (and level).

This OKR focuses on two types of expenses; the ones related to employees and then ones that are not. By doing so, it becomes much easier to assess how to cut costs, as the OKR itself has already set the targets for the two types.

How to achieve this OKR

Most people who try OKRs fail. But there's hope. You'll need 3 key things to have a much better shot at achieving this and your other OKRs. Fill in your email and we'll take you through each of them, step by step.

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